Saturday, August 27, 2016

I am 35...

The month of August concluded quite differently from what it used to be like when I was 25. Parties every night, bottles and bottles of vodkas and champagnes, daily celebrations. I'm glad I had those memories but I'm not missing those days extremely much. Life has been very generous to my family and me, and we are very thankful. Very much simpler celebrations nowadays but filled with so much meaning and love. I remember it was a couple of years back, Laogong and I 'privatised' our birth dates on FB. Not that we don't want people to know but maybe, more of the 'family and friends know without FB reminders' anyway. Not that we will be upset with fewer wishes from friends and I guess as we mature, we like to keep things simpler. So here I am, with the assistance of SNOW's filter and my favourite falsies, looking quite chio on my actual birth day. Haha.

Celebrated in advance with Carol and Chris at MBS' db Bistro. 

Not only is life generous to me, all my friends are too. Not just about the celebrations and gifts, but actually just remembering and the text messages sent are already valuable and thoughtful. Effort is priceless. Maintenance of relationships with people is hard work. Thank you to all my dear friends who are maintaining the friendships together.

On the actual day, we slept at 2am after watching JS beat MP in the semi-finals of Olympic and woke up at 6am for the Challenge Iskandar Puteri 5km Fun Run. It was Ollie's first run! And I've to say, I look quite slim in the dark picture! Wohoo! Look at my slim legs! Hahaha. I really have to commend myself for taking such a good picture! I chose dinner at Copthorne King's Princess Terrace because I really love the Penang Buffet there. (Ok, also because I've the member's card and thus privileges there) And it's like Ollie's birthday, we took her to Takashimaya to buy toys. It's always a blessing to give, especially to our loved ones, especially to Ollie! 

Caught up with the Enablers (finally) for dinner at Time & Flow.

Had lunch with the IJ Pals at I12's Canton Paradise (and they reminded Irene and I that we had it there last year or the year before too!).

Thank you, life, for the past 3 decades and more ... 
Happy Birthday 2016, Toh Xiaoxin!

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