Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ollie's Random Moments

Everyday, we have new discoveries about Ollie. Small little things, significant moments, funny situations, we love them all. They are all precious to us. She grows up too fast, way too fast.
We were having dinner at Just Acia last night. Laogong asked her if she wanted some ice-cream and tried to feed her. She shook her head to reject him. The next moment, she pick up the spoon and started eating it on her own. When I took the selfie camera out, she started posing. I guess it's not that she didn't want the ice-cream but more of, she wanted to eat it on her own!

This afternoon, while waiting for our lunch at Canton-i, I wanted to take photos of the two of them but Ollie didn't want to pose. I opened up the app 'Snow' and she saw those cute frames and she started posing. Haha. She really likes the app!

On Monday, I took her to the taman's playground and she started exploring new and high areas. We are fine with her trying and being adventurous and definitely glad that she dares to venture out of her comfort zone too!

Last week, the junior Devilz met for a swim & play date and as usual, initially she is quite shy, after, she was totally fine! Happy to see the young ones playing together, growing up together,

Ollie ah Ollie, enjoy your childhood, enjoy your life.
Be brave and dream big.

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