Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Le Diamant Cartier Exhibition

Decided to do an entry because I was lucky to get additional me time to doll myself up on top of the event time. Thanks to Papa who helped to babysit (with the helper). Went with Cyn to beautify ourselves before the event. With so much effort put in, have to take more photos,  right! 

So sweet of Cyn to pick me up! Managed to snap(chat)  nice pictures in her car. 

We were constantly reminding each other to just 'take a look'. They had very special displays on top of everything Bling. Yummy champagne as per every event. The canapés were extra yummy too! 

The Singapore Sling they served were yummy! Somewhat different from the usual. 

Lovely night, looking pretty. I think it's very important to have me time and to beautify ourselves more often! Much as time with Ollie is very precious, me time is priceless too. 

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