Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Busy Lil' BFF (lots of pictures)

It's been such a busy busy month! Before I know it, it's past mid-September! Time flies too fast, way too fast! The same thing I have to say for Ollie, she is growing up too fast, way too fast!


If we stay over in SG, we sometimes head over to Ikea for breakfast. Ollie loves the waffle and egg from them. She can sit on her own to eat nowadays albeit the slight mess but yes, she can! Cutie and her trio came over to swim and play that week too.

Sundays back at 外公's place is always full of fun. Play whole day!

That Monday, Laogong went for his Ironman bike practice, I took Ollie out to meet the mamas for lunch at Marmalade Pantry. We managed to hang out with Fio for a while too!

Took Ollie out shopping as usual and she had so much fun that she fell asleep almost immediately in the car on the way back.

We signed up for Legoland's Annual Pass. Laogong loves theme parks. Since this is the nearest to home for us, and there was a promotion for residents, we decided to do it! Ollie loves the boat ride. She wants to go on it every time we're there! Of course, she loves the shopping too. It's amusing how she walks over to the trolley bay and starts to push one on her own, every time we're there.

Took her to our favourite store at the moment, to collect our loots!

We visited Teresa who of course fed us well again. Thank you so much always. Ollie also had fun with Noah Kor Kor! Thank you Noah!

Just yesterday, we had breakfast at Ikea again. Then we headed to the airport for the #dinomoov station. I'm not sure if it's a permanent thing though. T3 is a fun place to be with yummy food, playgrounds and ample space to run around.

Ollie and I then headed to MBS to shop and had early dinner with the pretty aunties. We had to leave earlier than expected because of the night function back in the North.

Busy busy first half of September.
Next, we busy ourselves in anticipation for the five trips coming up!
Totally excited!
Laogong's Ironman (full!!!!) in Taiwan.
BKK Trip with Ollie's Godma.
Visiting V in Jakarta.
Bali Escapade with the IJ Pals.
TWFEC Bonding Trip to Desaru.
And the unplanned Dec short trip back to our 3rd home, Thailand.


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