Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Little Girl of Mine ...

(To the tune of 'This Little Light of Mine')
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
Let her shine, 
let her shine, 
let her shine!
Ollie is always full of surprises.
Her little antics and her cheeky acts fill our days 
with happiness, much more joy than one can imagine.
True that on certain days and certain situations, 
I feel so tired to have this super glue demanding my 
100% attention.
I feel irritated even.
I just want to ... 
Bath maybe?
Poo in peace?
However, the Laogong is right too, he said,
"Isn't that what you want?"
Yes. That is what I want.
I want her to be with me most of the time.
(I do want a tiny bit of me time and couple time.)
I want to be her BFF in the growing years and not 
worry about bad influence and stuff.
I want to be there to watch her fall and not rush over,
because she should learn to pick herself up.
I want to be there to hear her laugh and make her laugh.
I simply want to be there for her.
So, nowadays, I tell myself ... 
Don't be so easily irritable! 
Life with Ollie is wonderful and will definitely
get even better!

Actually, I just wanted to blog.
It's been more than half a month from the previous entry.
Didn't blog about the IRONMAN Race because Laogong has done so.
Didn't blog about all the play dates and high teas because they are all over my 
Instagram and FaceBook.
Thus, this random post with Ollie's cutest photo of the day.
There are too many cute, cuter and cutest photos!

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