Monday, November 28, 2016

A Not-So-Typical Sunday

My Sundays are usually spent at Papa's place where we chill and have our three meals together. Today, he was busy with his voluntary work. Bro was busy with attending a wedding or was it two? The helper had her off day. Ollie and I still managed to have breakfast with the Bro. Then, she played around a bit. I did some alterations on the machine. She napped a bit. And we went out to have lunch with laogong. Haha, luckily he had an extended lunch break in between lessons today. So yay! We had company. 
We had lunch. We took Ollie to the stadium to run and play around. Laogong rested a bit before he headed back for the remaining two classes. Well, Ollie and I then did what we do best. Shop. Two hours is a decent time for us to shop together, including a Llao Llao break. Went back to fetch laogong and prior to that, I sent him a text message to tell him not to faint when he open up the back of the car. (shopping bags and more). The two are now fast asleep (since a couple of hours ago). 
I enjoyed quite a bit of my me-time. Packing for tomorrow's trip, an episode of drama. Clearing up phone storage (for more pictures). I guess, it's a great day after all, despite missing out time with Papa today. Next week then! 

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