Sunday, November 27, 2016

老公回来了!Laogong Is Back!

It was a long seventeen days. Far too long for comfort. Laogong went for his overseas reservist recently. Despite the planned itinerary, Ollie and I weren't able to complete all the trips. I was down physically and emotionally for a few days. Counting down for Laogong to be back was really terrible. I cannot and will not understand the need for such a long exercise (and those past exercises). Or rather, as a wife and mother of a young child, I refused to be understanding. Of course, he had to go. He went. And I dread the next one which might be in two years? Whatever.
For now, we are thankful for him to be home with us! I guess it was extra hard for me / us because we are the Liam Ti Ti 粘体体 family. We spend so much time together all the time. Cheers to our Liam Ti Ti moments again!

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