Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learning about the Concept of Cold (or Absence of Heat)

The other morning, Ollie woke up at 0745 and looked down at the pool, tugging at me to take her down. Sleepy and knowing that the water was cold, I still woke myself up and took her down. Well, seeing is believing, no, I mean ... in this case, feeling is believing (and learning).
(P.E. Teacher is serving his reservist, so the multi-purpose-teacher had to take over his lessons.)

She was all eager to change and head to the pool.

At the pool, she eagerly removed her slippers and walked to the baby pool.

Within a minute, she walked back to the chair and sat down. Then, she put on her slippers and pointed to home. 

I was still very sleepy but I'm glad she had learnt this lesson! It is very easy for us to tell her how cold the water is but at this point, it is much easier for her to simply head to the pool and feel it for herself. Ollie is very much a spatial learner. She generally thinks in pictures than in words. She also has a strong kinesthetic preference for learning where she prefers using her body/hands/touch. I remember how she used to want to touch my cup of hot tea or bowl of hot soup, so, I let her. She has to feel it to learn why I did not allow her to do that. And yes, she learned her lesson well.

I'm glad her learning made up for the lack of sleep for that day! Keep expressing your interest to learn, Ollie. Unschool one day, world school another day, we do it your way!

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