Thursday, October 27, 2016

Handling Disappointment

Equally excited, we told Ollie last night that the Fanpekka Theme Park (at the new wing of Aeon Tebrau)  is opening today and we will take her there in the morning. We woke up at 9ish, headed for breakfast and reached Aeon at 10ish, rather surprised with the queue to the carpark. So, H&M and many other shops were all opening too! We made our way to Fanpekka, seems nice. . . But . . . 10am was only for media invite. Omg. Disappointment was all over Ollie's face. And she held back her tears when she realised we're not going in. Seeing that,  I almost cried. How did a 23mo hold back her tears? We took her shopping and also bought her ice-cream, but her usual smiles were weak and bare. 
We had crazy ideas to cancel all schedule for today but decided against it as the weather turned better and most importantly, we must teach her right values. Responsibility. Also, Fanpekka is not going to run away! I'm also proud of you, Ollie, you didn't cry your lungs out knowing that the theme park was not opened to public today. You didn't throw any tantrum. All these, actually made us very proud of you,  although a bit of a heart ache to see you down too. Don't worry! Lots fun over the next few days. Today, we learn about disappointment and handling disappointment . You did well, very well! 

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