Thursday, January 5, 2017

Staycation 2017 (Jan 4 & 5)

We are not a family who fancy staycations but well, free room and free meals (we have a membership with the Millennium Hotels Group), let's go! And we did. Only to miss home more. Haha. We really love our home.

We took the van out instead of the car and since there are still toys/presents waiting to be opened (the van is like our mobile storage space, haha) we took a box up for Ollie to unwrap! She always loves opening presents, who doesn't :) 

We had dinner at the hotel and I think the sugar overload gave Ollie the much-unnecessary energy boost. Oh my, she slept only at 0030. She was totally high and active! 

I think I fell asleep before her! 

We all woke up close to 10 in the morning. Had a quick swim (the water was too cold)  and we headed to Rochor for breakfast. Went to the temple and did some shopping. 

Well, time spent with family is always well spent. 2017 has been good and I'm sure, moving on even better!  

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