Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Days into 2017

Two days into 2017 and life has been good and just like what I told Laogong, it will definitely get better!

There is a high level of anticipation for many going-to-happen-events. Totally excited. There are weddings to attend, trips to go, shops opening, swim events, academic events and endless things I want to do with Ollie. I will definitely try to start a co-op for the young ones when Ollie is ready for it, especially since we have a good space for it now.

I always think back about how inspirational Mummy has been to me, and still is of course. She is one who dared to try, who went all out to make it in life. She did and she did her best to return to the society. Have been thinking a lot about her always. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But with so many happenings going to happen soon, I think of her even more. How she managed her life last time, how she handled so many happenings. 

Maybe also because of these two weeks spent at home with Laogong and Ollie. Massive decluttering of the house and things also somehow led to massive decluttering of the emotions and life. I look at the all the trash bags of things thrown / donated / sold... I think, for once, I am really going to slow down on shopping. Haha, I know, hilarious. But, really. I look at my wardrobes of tens of thousands of designer clothes and my Kellies all over the floor / chair (none in boxes, I don't baby my things) and those thousand-dollars-slippers... Oh gosh, what a life I had. I really need to rethink my life. I am not saying I am not going to shop but I will really buy less. I think I need to give even more to the society. Do more for the society. Blessed we are and yes, let's do it! Return to the society.

Alright, back to my decluttering!

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