Monday, February 20, 2017

What If They Spend Their Whole Childhood Playing?

(This was taken on Saturday night, 10pm, when Ollie suddenly decided not to sleep and dress up for play, all by herself. She put on the shoes and my cap, hopped on her little car and instructed the Papa to take a photo of her, for her.) 

The homeschooling community shared the article:

It came at a time where I asked Laogong if it's OK that I'm not teaching anything school-style and school-way for Ollie. (I just want to make sure he sort of is having the same mentality as me.) I'm just letting Ollie play around, run around, swim, shop and live the daily life we live at the moment. She is not going to school yet and highly, definitely later on, No. I just want Ollie to play. Unstructured play. And wow, she is doing good, by my standards, of course. 

I always face questions about homeschooling Ollie and mainly I'll say that I don't want her to be caught in the rat race (contradicting I know, especially when our family business is highly educational, the Singapore way, but well the business does not equate to parenting ideas). 

I guess the sharing of the article came at the right time, assuring me that it's fine to let Ollie play away. But again, I guess, knowing myself, even without the article, I'm just doing it my way. 

Dear Ollie, 
Childhood is a very precious commodity. 
Being able to be play it away, I think is very important. 
Please enjoy your childhood as much as you can. 
Play, play away. 

Mama & Papa. 

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  1. Then what? Children should spend their childhood in playing things as afterwards they will have enough work and would not get any free time, so better let them play. Lol.