Saturday, March 11, 2017

All In One of Ollie's Day...


This morning we had our usual breakfast with Laogong and then while he coached, Ollie played and I slacked. I wasn't expecting anything like what happened to happen during lunch with IJ Pals. She was still strolling steadily with her Nano Speedy hooked stylishly on her arm into Mercure. All seemed fine. She went into the vip room and all still seemed fine. 
Then... Why suddenly cranky! 
So she went from smiley face to wailing out loud. Sobbing like it's the end of the world. We usually don't entertain such situations and we don't allow anyone around to interfere. (Don't worry, children don't die from crying and I'm not  a murderer wanabe). She cried for 20minutes and I text the Laogong, got a reply, "Let her cry." She cried for another 15min maybe. I really don't know why. Maybe she prefers the main dining area to the vip room? "Auntie Jo, no need special room next time, please! :p" 
She finally turned smiley again when she saw Uncle Ron, don't ask me why! And finally she started playing a bit with the aunties. Played on her on with her favourite Auntie Daze, without me. Played with Auntie Jas and Auntie Chris. All the tears and laughters all in two hours! 
Anyway... Fast forward to night time... 
I had a dinner date to celebrate Carol's birthday and inlaws were always so nice to help me look after Ollie. 
What's really emotional / highlight (haha) was... 
FIL texted at 9+ to say Ollie slept. 
I was surprised. And when home, I asked MIL how did she fall asleep. 
She told me that Ollie asked for bread and milk and then asked MIL to pat her to sleep. 
I almost teared. 
她长大了 。
I told laogong about it and he was like, latch too often you also emo, don't latch,  you also emo. 
I guess to me, it's a huge change! 
She used to cry herself to sleep if I'm not around, now, she can ask for food and drinks to fill her tummy and to be patted to sleep (without me!!)! 
Grow, Ollie, Grow. 
Grow up at your pace. 
We love you! 

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  1. Such an adorable little thing. and all her many expressions are really good. Thanks so much for the share and i wish to see more of her.