Friday, July 23, 2010

Happiness vs sadness

Went to the doc finally this morning after a few nights of fever.
It's my swollen tonsils.
Hope they will be under control with the supposedly stronger
Need to rush to Tanjong Pagar Town Council to settle some stuff for
the sale of my place.
Things come and go.
People come and go.
Thinking about ah mah brings lots of happy memories.
From the time poor her has to run round the block to feed me my meals
to the times when my parents brought me home and immediately I ran my
uncle to take me back to ah mah's place to be with her.
All these are memories that cannot be replaced by anyone or anything.
The news of ah mah passing was much more than shocking.
But with such a simple and peaceful passing, I'm sure ah mah is gonna
rest in peace ...
And i cannot allow the sadness to make me forget all the happiness ...

1 comment:

  1. life must go on..ah mah is also taking another new journey of her new life...all the memories that ah mah gives us will be kept deep in our heart..from the day we tagged along to market to the days where we shout ah mah to open the door before reaching her doorstep..from the days where used to visit her during weekend,accompany her,listening to her life in kampong,to the food that she cook..she always make sure that we take all our 3 meals daily..though simple but decilious.. mayb its the love and care that she added in...all these memories were given by ah we know that she have rest in peace,lets hope that she have a peaceful and smooth journey throughout..XL