Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's an extremely HAPPY day!
Well, everyday is a happy day :) Just extremely happy :) Started the day fine with my homeschoolers. Laogong surprised me by waiting at the void deck after class. We had lunch at Ikea. Bliss :) Though the lunch was kind of rush because Laogong had a class at 1300. Still, :)
Headed to stock up on Nespresso at Ion.
Haha. Always happy to see my pantry well packed :p Headed down to Bishan Stadium to cheer my kids on. Always happy to see them :) You see, so much happiness. Due to some delays at the races, and honestly also, I really wanted to watch my kids run, I texted my tuition kid's parent to inform her that I'll be late. She was so nice and understanding. Happiness :)

Lessons as usual with the kids. I wonder if it is the weather (poor weather, always blamed for everything !), so many kids and even Laogong are unwell. Get well soon all of you!
Happiness again to have dinner with Laogong. Decided not to watch movie and have pizza at home.


Is when you see your kids grow.

When a parent tell you that since I was her child's form teacher, she became a changed person and is doing her best all the time. Sobs. Touched.

When a kid and I was whatsapping and I told her that her team mate didn't do as well in the race, she said, "Nevermind, she did her best."

That wasn't what she might have say the last time. Seeing her grow from Primary 4 to Primary 5 and now. I'm happy to see how she grew from a team member to a leader and now a mentor. I almost tear recalling her growing journey.

Happiness. When you see kids you've taught grow and mature well :)

A full day bursting with lots and lots of love and happiness. How good can life get? This good and better, I'm sure :)

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