Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 Days to Olympia's Arrival

I kind of find this song suitable for Olympia.
Haha ...

More than a decade ago in NTU,  I took up a module on translation. 
Like I said, more than a decade ago ... So ... I try! Simplified version :p

自我有著你 快活我太多
Since I've you, I'm much happier
日日讓種種感覺 好好的擦過 叫我更喜愛做我
With days passing by merrily, I love being myself even more

夢裡有著你 我夢到結果
With you in my dreams, there is a destination
站著在欣賞觀眾 歡呼聲散播 我也更相信自我
With the audience and the cheers around me, I have more faith in myself

能夠有你 縱有挫折不難過 仍舊衝刺我未怕跌墮
With you, setbacks are not upsetting and I climb back even tougher
旁人問你是誰 你是誰 我說你是 心中找到的信心
Bystanders asked me who you are and I said you're my confidence

星也閃照眼中 海也跟我相擁 所有所有感覺也美 當開只有你
Shining stars and embracing the oceans, every feeling is wonderful with you
一切因你發起 一切很美只因有你 What a wonderful life
Because of you, everything is beautiful

風會吹暖我心 陽光會跟我親吻 所有所有感覺也美 多喜歡有你
Winds warm me and sunshine embrace me
Every feeling is beautiful and I love having you
一切因你發起 一切很美只因有你
All because of you, what a wonderful life

I'm always thankful to my family who stood by me through the good and especially the bad. Then came Laogong who of course gave me his unconditional love. With Olympia, I then have to take on the role of giving her the unconditional love. I told Laogong not to call me Mummy (he usually calls me Laopo) because I don't want to be just the motherly Mummy for Olympia. I believe and I know I will still take on the role of being a Laopo.

It's a conflicting feeling as The Day is nearing but well, no time for that ... I will enjoy these few days with the whatever swollen feet and gigantic expanded body and then ... enjoy the pain (however much, I'm an advocate of painkillers and will definitely not be a heroine) and joy and happiness and love on The Day and after ...

Life ... Is going to get better! 
Negative people, shut up! :p
Positive people, way to go! :D

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