Friday, November 28, 2014

You're the best gift ever...

Hello Dear Olympia, 

You'll be starting out on Week 36 tomorrow. 
Including today, it's another 7 days before we see you. 
In other words rather, next week this time, we will meet one another for the first time! 
Mummy and Papa can't wait to see you of course,  haha, but honestly, I'm also thinking of the pain and recovery. 
Hiya,  whatever! 
Mummy will chill and relax as usual and take things as they come. 
The other day,  Dr. Yang told Mummy that I've a huge bump (ie. You) and I should quickly take some pictures. 
Papa joined in the fun and we took some Hawaii-style Christmas themed photos. 
Mummy love how the maxi twilly and scarf ring turned out quite nice with the tulle. 
This Christmas, Mummy will be staying at home with u... 
Don't like the term confinement because I'll not be doing those super typical confinement. Haha. 
I want to bath and be happy and enjoy no matter how bad other people have been describing what it should be like or tired I'll be and whatever. 
Life goes on with you. 
I'll have a happy motherhood no matter what other people negatively comment or say, "Hiya, later you will know." 
Life goes on even better, 
because you're the best gift ever. 

Lots love. 

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