Thursday, November 27, 2014

Olympia is almost 37 weeks!

Hello my dear Olympia, 

How are you? 
Mummy is tired but happy. 
We'll be seeing you in 8 days time, 
just 8 days,  only 8 days! 
Papa has been driving mummy around to catch up with friends. 
And sweet lovely mummy friends also have been driving me around. 
Yesterday,  Mermaid Jie Jie and Steph Jie Jie also drove Mummy around. 
We're so lucky. 
Mummy haven't even manage to collage the photos! 
And those taken with Auntie Christine today. 
So sweet of Auntie Cyn to buy the lovely pink romper with the little stretch of tutu! 
I think I want to get a matching tulle! 
The organic halter mummy ordered is also here already! Yeah! 
We have to pack more things to bring back to Ah Mah's house, repack the cabin luggage for hospital stay (Auntie Cyn suggested a larger one), and whatever else to pack! 
For now...  Stay good in Mummy... 
See you next week! 

Lots love! 

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