Monday, December 15, 2014

Wonderful Day with Olympia

The day started out with laogong telling me that Olympia gave him his first poo experience. He has been in charge of changing diapers and today Olympia poo landed on his him! Haha. What a lucky day! 

We got changed and I expressed bm (so I don't have to bring the pump and cooler box out). Olympia had to go to the PD for a review (for her jaundice)  and yeah! All is fine! We were so happy that all is fine. We headed to Takashimaya (for a mere 2 hours)  and it was great being out there! Confinement is really not for me. Took photo with Olympia where the Christmas tree was. Bought some stuff for her. And it was laogong's first time at the nursing room at Takashimaya. Hehe. He performed his diaper duties dutifully. 

Came home, had lunch and rested. Belle came to visit. Yeah. Haha. I love visitors! And Papa called with more good news. The day gets even better. Very happy to get the good news from Papa. And later, there will be a delivery for our massive online purchases from Taobao (haha 42kg or $1000+ worth of purchases). 

Thankful for all the good things happening in the family, really thankful. 

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